Hexablox Supports the Hexagon Project

By on Aug 20, 2015 in News & Blog | 0 comments

Taking pride and remembering accomplishments is just one aspect of Medal Blocks.  We are also firm believers in community and helping others.  Our charitable contributions are very important to us and we continue to look for more organizations we can support.

We were excited to be able to contribute our Hexablox picture frames to support the Hexagon Project.  We really believe in the nature of the project, which supports “interdependence” which they define as follows:

Interdependence is living together peaceably and respectfully in the post-communist, post-Cold War period as local, regional and global citizens.  Communication and the Internet are bringing people closer together, to transcend hatred, bias, and resentment.  Interdependence means turning our energies toward coexistence.

Hexagons are symbolic of interdependence as they are interlocking and all fit together and how global citizens should as well.


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